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Sale wholesale cannabis Legal marijuana light – Legal cannabis wholesaler is the online cannabis wholesaler operated by the Flower Innovation GmbH company that sells legal cannabis wholesale. The wholesale prices included in the online price list that provides will be discounted 40% after registering on the site.

We are looking for the best products at the best prices on the market. The shipment of wholesale products takes place according to law, the product is always accompanied by the mandatory analyzes for each lot and quality, the analyzes are issued by certified laboratories.

Each variety of legal cannabis sold through follows all the indications provided by the law, the THC limits are certified and do not exceed the limit of 0.2%.

Time for delivery and shipping from the cannabis wholesaler

Delivery times for large quantities of both bulk and branded products occur in 5 working days from the time of order. operates in the online sales sector and from the first moment has understood the economic potential of the wholesale marijuana market legal compared to those, albeit important, of retail sales.

We address directly to the legal hemp grower to obtain from them the best product, compliant with what is established by law (THC below 0.2%) and which has a price very advantageous.
Only in this way we are sure that the product entered by us in the supply chain is a quality product at a competitive price. In this way, everyone will gain competitive advantages in the supply chain up to the last step, ie in the hands of the final consumer.

We provide cannabis light for cannabis stores, specialized shops, grow shops, tobacconists, breweries and online stores.

Registration Wholesalers

If you wish to view, try wholesale products and receive a 40% discount on the online price list, you must necessarily register on our website and send us a measure of trade.

If you are a wholesaler or you are thinking of becoming a legal cannabis retailer, the steps to be carried out to obtain a supply of products sold by us with wholesale prices, are as follows:
1) Registration (Name, Surname, VAT number and Mail address)
2) Access to the site with the credentials just obtained (User name and Password)
3) Sending by email the Chamber’s measure to
4) Activation of the coupon code of 40% to access the sale prices of light marijuana at a discounted price.

Our goal is to establish a direct relationship and professional collaboration with our customers. is a dynamic company that strongly believes in this project and tries to keep the quality of its cannabis-based products always high.

Cannabis wholesalers and light hemp

The online store is the future of commerce and for this reason we have been working closely with the best national and international producers to offer our customers only the best of the production. The marijuana marketed in Italy today is only the one with levels of Δ9-THC (tetracannabidiol) lower than 0.2%, and with variable CBD but without an established limit, as established by the reference law 242/2016 and as recently reaffirmed by a circular of the Ministry of agricultural policies. cultivation and sale of light hemp, light marijuana indeed, is legal and is permitted without the need for any authorization. Cultivation, distribution, retailing or wholesaling of cannabis light does not require authorization. The only requirement for the cultivation and sale of marijuana inflorescences is the level of Δ9-THC, which must never exceed 0.2 %. Beyond this threshold it is no longer legitimate to speak of legal hemp, but of amazing substance in all respects.

The retail sale of legal cannabis is practiced mainly through online stores, easily accessible by anyone and at any time of the day, and in many shops specialized called grow shop. The varieties of marijuana sold in Italy today are mainly Eletta campana, Carmagnola, Fibranova, Felina 34, Futura and many other historical varieties. The wholesale sale of legal marijuana, vice versa, occurs mainly through direct contact between the grower and the seller.
The seller, whether an online merchant or a shop-keeper, turns to the producer to obtain larger quantities of legal hemp at decidedly lower prices.
The business of light cannabis is assuming gigantic proportions. Every day new businesses and new commercial brands are born, starting the journey of cannabis light online commerce. The legal marijuana market is growing strongly, and in this gigantic gold rush, we believe, there will be few who will come to the bottom. The hemp, to put it mildly, is like the pig, “do not throw away anything”. Stem, flowers, leaves and tops of cannabis are used for food, building, pharmaceutical and now also for recreational use. Yes, because even if the law 242/2016 governing the free cultivation and free sale of cannabis light does not refer to the purpose of use for recreational purposes, without hypocrisy we can safely say that people buy light marijuana certainly not to make it collection.

THC below 0.2% and good quality dried marijuana light inflorescences, are the mod of the moment. Everyone talks about it and so many have decided to open specialized shops selling cannabis products and derivatives. Retail stores and cannabis wholesalers believe that we are only at the beginning and a tip of the Iceberg of this great hemp business, and that although the numbers are very positive, the legal cannabis market is set to grow further. The offers of light marijuana for larger quantities than the single sachets with 2/4/6 grams of product, are extremely more advantageous.

“Ladymary sells legal herb buying it directly from the farmer, we have the great advantage of being able to offer cannabis at prices much more competitive compared to the many stores in the network or the countless grow shops opened in franchising at every corner of our cities.

Supplies of large quantities marijuana light from wholesaler cannabis

We are the legal Cannabis Wholesaler and supplying legal cannabis quantities is our prerogative, a very precise commercial choice that, since the first appearances of this new market, has seen us protagonists towards the future of cannabis wholesale. We believed from the beginning that light marijuana would have carved out a significant market share, and for this reason we felt it was right to establish direct contacts with the best Italian and international producers right from the start.

Hemp is a very important resource for Italian and European agriculture, a historic, renewable resource and a great job opportunity for many young people and not only, who have the opportunity to be included in various ways in a labor market, that of light marijuana, with enormous growth prospects.

The light indoor hemp with a THC content below 0.2% has today achieved exceptional quality, in many cases even higher than that of traditional marijuana. The farmers of cannabis have come to use genetic and hybrids belonging to authorized species, but of superior quality, with excellent taste and aroma. The supply of light marijuana in large quantities has low selling prices compared to retail.

If you need large cannabis supplies from the cannabis wholesaler, do not hesitate to contact us!

Buy wholesale cannabis light from wholesaler cannabis is legal

If you are interested in opening an online or physical activity aimed at the sale of legal light marijuana must know that the product is salable packaged and on the label must be clearly specified that it is a product not intended for combustion but only for collectible use. The THC content must remain between 0.01% and 0.2%, and the exposed goods must clearly highlight these characteristics.

Franchising, online shops, grow shops, coffee shops and a myriad of small tobacconists, is the revolution of the moment linked to the growing demand for legal marijuana by people belonging to every age group, order and social background. The phenomenon of light marijuana affects everyone, young and old, students and workers, more or less educated people, men or women and professionals. The photography of those who buy legal light marijuana makes us reflect on a phenomenon of epochal scope, whose turnover in Italy and in the world is dizzying.

Cannabis light at the sales price to wholesalers

Who addresses the light cannabis wholesaler? Commercial activities, grow shops, coffee bars, specialized shops, vending machines vendors or simple collectors, pharmacies, herbalists and tobacconists.

Who wants can buy single or large quantities of our light marijuana inflorescences at wholesale prices. Discounted sales prices apply to all our inflorescences. Registered users will be able to purchase cannabis products already branded or to be re-arranged according to their needs. markets both in small quantities and in bulk quantities starting from 250g.

Do you need to buy legal cannabis wholesale? We offer you the best and most advantageous price!

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