About us

national scenario of legal hemp

Ladymary was founded with the intention of creating the correct vision in the national scenario of legal hemp and its derivatives, focusing both on the concept of quality, deriving from our passion and commitment in the activity of cultivation and processing, and on the necessary information to reintroduce the knowledge of Cannabis Sativa L.

We make the most of every single step in the production and distribution chain, with final products of the highest quality that, by themselves, will make us understand the commitment we put ourselves, from those who cultivate, manage distribution and logistics up to the laboratories for analysis and extraction of active ingredients.

We have been selecting our varieties for over five years, so we are able to guarantee that we can now provide the best product in all of Europe.
The product has a double warranty, both by certification of the seed, and by analysis of the finished product, so as to give you a real excellence, without detracting from the citrus or fruity aroma, which will result more than authentic and will allow experiences unique.

The new commercial sector is certainly still to be framed, but at present it allows us to set its fundamental principles in respect both of national laws and of morals and ethics.

Hemp is a natural product with many components useful for man and the environment and, as such, must be for everyone and everyone.

We are sure we can contribute to the process of legalization of cannabis and, having achieved this goal, pursue the path of organic crops, researching through natural selections outdoor and indoor the best qualities of cannabis sativa L. dividing them not only for variety but also for phenotypes, guaranteeing the supply of a product on the market of first choice and quality.

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