Ladymary CBD flower boutique offers selected high CBD flowers, grown INDOOR or in a greenhouse, cultivated naturally without the use of fertilizers and chemical additives, picked and trimmed by hand in Italy.

We trim our flowers exclusively by hand in order to obtain perfectly-manicured beautiful clean buds. Thanks to the gentle hand-trimming we preserve valuable natural properties of hemp.

The collection of our CBD flower shop consists of different types of female inflorescences of Cannabis Sativa L. characterized by a particularly high CBD rate and a very low THC rate (max. 0.2%) which are known today as CBD flowers, CBD hemp flowers, CBD hemp, CBD weed, CBD legal weed, CBD cannabis, CBD marijuana, low THC hemp, legal cannabis or legal weed.


Ladymary CBD flower shop selects CBD flowers for the highest quality and rich fragrances taking into account cannabinoid and terpene profiles, colours, the bud structure, the complexity and the persistency of the aromatic bouquet, effects when consumed, the quantity and quality of golden pistils and trichomes, the resin and essential oils content and many others.
The combination of aroma and taste makes our CBD flowers a great pick for cannabis connoisseurs and cannabis lovers looking for incredible CBD flowers.

Some of our TOP quality CBD flowers are rare CBD strains and are available in Limited Edition only.

All the flowers are 100% MADE IN ITALY: selected, sown, grown indoor or in a greenhouse, picked and trimmed by hand in Italy.


Thanks to the fine quality and amazing properties, our CBD hemp flowers can be considered the excellence of the millenary history of hemp and a true must-have for passionate legal weed lovers and cannabis experts.

A rich aromatic bouquet and a delicious taste of these premium CBD flowers will turn their tasting into an unforgettable organoleptic experience made of unique flavours and sensations.

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