Queen Mother – CBD FLOWERS 17%


Queen Mother is one of the highest quality Swiss varieties of CBD Flowers.
It also represents inflorescences of selected hemp.

The farmers who dedicate themselves to the art of harvesting and processing with passion and parsimony are able, every year, to propose the best species known today as cannabis light: with a low THC (0.2%) and high rate of CBDA (17%).

Unique aromas and perfumes enclosed in an unparalleled organoleptic complexity of the CBD Flowers.


The careful attention that is used for its collection of legal CBD flowers in Europe, processing and drying allows to obtain a flower of hemp with numerous properties and fragrances.
Like a true British queen Mother Queen – the queen of CBD flowers – has a strong and authoritative character and is characterized by a particularly intense and decisive fragrance with a noble aroma and typical of the best species.

Certainly the flower of the Mother Queen is very compact almost round (without anything to say to our beloved queens from which it takes its name!) And is a must-have for the passionate collectors of CBD flowers (legal weed) and experts in the field.

Also Queen Mother is the excellence of the millennia history of hemp that will accompany you to discover unique aromas and perfumes enclosed in an unparalleled organoleptic complexity.

Finally Female Flower of Cannabis Sativa L. allowed for the uses referred to the Law 242/16 and entered in the common catalog of varieties of agricultural plant species in Europe. It is not a narcotic product. THC content < 0.2%. LadyMary CBD flowers is intended only for research and development or technical use. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Sale to minors under 18 years is forbidden. Store in a cool and dry place, preferably in the dark.

Read Queen Mother history product.

Weight3 g
Dimensions9.5 × 15 × 2 cm





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